So, what exactly is a Baumelbank?

While on holidays in Germany this summer, we went on a long walk one day through a  forest until we got to a spa. There we saw this bench, which looked really weird to us. There was something not right but from the distance we couldn’t quite work it out. Then, as we got closer, we realised the proportions didn’t seem right.

On closer inspection, we were able to read the top of the sign, which said Baumelbank.

So, what is a Baumelbank? The rest of the sign read:

Here you can sit on a dangling bench!
Not only can you relax your soul, but also your legs. This is for the joint relief for knees and ankles, as well as better blood circulation in the lower extremities through the muscle pump (leg muscles)

This we had to try out immediately, and it was ………..

Steven relaxing his legs!

 ……. sheer bliss!!!

Have you ever come across a dangling bench? Would you like to sit on one?

I’d love to have one in the garden – would you?

15 thoughts on “So, what exactly is a Baumelbank?

  1. Oh wow, never heard of this. I’m short so my feet dangle off of most benches and chairs I wonder if the concept is the same.

  2. New to me! Sounds delightful. In Germany, uh? I would like to visit Germany where my ancestors came from.

  3. Ich kannte die Baumelbank auch nicht. Sie ist höher als normale Bänke. ich fühlte mich wieder wie ein Kind, weil es etwas antrengend war, mich draufzusetzen. Google mal nach Baumelbank Bilder. Text gibt es kaum aber viele Bilder.

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