Simply the best!

As part of of a blogging challenge my task this time is to write something nice about somebody else. Oh dear, was my first thought, who do I write about and what do I write! It’s not that I don’t know anybody worth writing about. On the contrary, I could write books about all the nice people I know!
There are all my evening class students, all my business clients, all the private students, young and old – and they’re all nice and brilliant and lovely to work with or for. Then there are so  many people I have ‘met’ on twitter (my twitter name is german_tutor) and facebook who have shared resources or have helped me with problems on- and offline, plus all the people who don’t use the internet but are great friends….. the list is endless.


I guess there is one exception: My German conversation group on a Wednesday evening! They are absolutely fantastic! One told me last night that this group is part of her social life and I couldn’t agree more. Aren’t I lucky – I can mix business with pleasure,I earn a living, they learn German but we always make sure we’re having fun, despite some very hard grammar lessons sometimes.

So, a big THANK YOU to Chris, Alan, Margaret, Roger, Deborah, Alan, Helen, Lynda, Kamila, James, Kathryn and  Penny – you are simply the best!

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