How do you know whether ‘sie’ means she or they or You?

Do you know the difference?

Several students are struggling with this, so the last time  I was asked, I promised I would make an infographic.

So this one is for you, Lauren 😉


German grammar - sie, sie or Sie


For more information about verb conjugation in the present tense, check out my Udemy course German grammar – the tenses #1 – the  present tense 



4 Responses to German Grammar – sie, sie or Sie?

  1. LynnTulip says:

    One day, Angelika I AM going to learn German. You seem to have a clear way of explaining grammar.

  2. Mary C. Weaver, CSCS says:

    I think I will stick to occasionally singing in German, in which case the words are all laid out for me and all I have to worry about in pronunciation! But I like your infographic. 🙂

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