She’ll never do well in English!

That’s not a quote from somebody famous, it’s what my English teacher said to my mum 1975 when I changed schools. Up until then I had no interest in English or any other foreign language. ‘I live in Germany, why do I need to speak another language’ was my attitude. At that time I would have never imagined that one day I would live in England!

Now that I teach in England, I hear the same from youngsters here: ‘I live in England, why should I learn to speak another language’, but do they know what they will do in later life?

As for my English teacher? I proved him wrong! Not only do I live in England, I went back to school and got my teaching qualification. AND I have taught English!!!

I feel like saying “so there!” but as I am a very sensible woman, I won’t 😉

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