The seasons in German - Herbst

The 22nd September is the official first day of autumn (or fall for my American readers), so this blog post is about autumn with German words and songs.
Let’s start with some Herbst… words:

Of course, I found some lovely videos!

For example a video explaining why the leaves change in autumn

And some children’s songs:

Including my favourite song when I was 4 years old:

Except I sung it slightly differently. My version was ‘wenn das Körbchen leer ist geh’n wir wieder heim’. I figured that it would be best to harvest the pears, eat them and THEN go home ☺
And, would you believe it, here it is:

Of course, you may prefer something more classical and for adults

Das Laub fällt von den Bäumen,
Das zarte Sommerlaub.
Das Leben mit seinen Träumen
Zerfällt in Asch und Staub.

Die Vöglein im Walde sangen,
Wie schweigt der Wald jetzt still!
Die Lieb ist fortgegangen,
Kein Vöglein singen will.

Die Liebe kehrt wohl wieder
Im lieben künft’gen Jahr,
Und alles kehrt dann wieder,
Was jetzt verklungen war.

Du Winter, sei willkommen,
Dein Kleid ist rein und neu.
Er hat den Schmuck genommen,
Den Schmuck bewahrt er treu.

And finally a poem that we used to learn at school

I always liked the poem but I thought it was just that, a poem. When I looked for the video I found out that Herr von Ribbeck really lived and used to give pears to people. Have a look at the von Ribbeck website, where you can find out more.

In our fortnightly show ‘Ask Angelika’ Steven and I also discussed autumn with some more German phrases:

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