Is this the season of the pickled gherkins?

Do you know what the word ‘Sauregurkenzeit’ means?

Literally, it means the time (Zeit) of the pickled gherkins (saure Gurken).  Originally, the word came from the time when there was very little food around and people had to rely on food they had pickled, hence the pickled gherkins.

Nowadays it means the time when many shops and factories are closed due to summer holidays and nothing much is happening. As this is also the time when most politicians are on holidays, the term ‘Sauregurkenzeit’ has been taken over by the German media, because they struggle to find useful things to write about.

This season is often also described as ‘Sommerloch’ (lit. summer hole), whereas here in the UK we just call it the ‘silly season’.

Have you come across any news – German or English – which made you think it’s a ‘silly season’ report? Please share!


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