Remembering Falco

Johan Hölzel was born on the 19th February 1957 in Vienna, Austria, but he was better known under his stage name FALCO, which he took in tribute to the East German ski jumper Falko Weißflog. He had a short but successful music career in Austria and also abroad.  He died after a car accident on the 6th February 1998 and was buried on Vienna’s central cemetery (Zentralfriedhof). Even today fans still flock to his grave and leave flowers, so what better way to commemorate his birthday than with some of his best songs:

For more info, including lyrics, check out the official Falco website

What’s your favourite Falco song?

Image courtesy of Invisigoth67

4 thoughts on “Remembering Falco

  1. I have to say Rock me Amadeus – made me feel very nostalgic, brilliant song! Happy belated birthday #Falco, wherever you are!

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