Advent Calendar Day 9

Happy 2nd Advent! Today’s post is from Lynda. Thank you, Lynda!


Why learn German?  Why not?


I am an English housewife but I do the washing in a Miele washing machine, I drive an Audi car, and I love to eat German chocolate and drink German wine.  At Christmas, we bring out our collection of beautifully made wooden German decorations and light the candles on our Weihnachtspyramide.  My interest in Germany has resulted in several holidays to the Harz Mountains, Berlin and Munich.  The scenery was stunning, the food wholesome and the history fascinating but my travels brought to light one major problem, I could not talk with the people who lived there.  So five years ago, I decided to learn German at evening classes and it has been a most positive experience.  Classes with Angelika are fun and well organised.  We have all managed to learn a new language and have had lots of laughs in the process.  Our trip to the Christmas Market in Birmingham, organised by Angelika, was a triumph – I was able to order my hot German sausage in German!


Lynda, Hausfrau, Devizes

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  1. Thank you for your kind comments, Lynda! I have never been to Munich or Berlin (I really must go there one day!) but I do remember our trip to Birmingham, which nearly didn’t happen because of all the flooded roads but turned into a wonderful day out!

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