Read more German storiesIn my quest for free resources I came across Storybooks Minnesota. The website’s information says “Storybooks Minnesota is a free open educational resource that promotes literacy and language learning in homes, schools, and communities. Part of the Global Storybooks project, it makes 40 stories from the African Storybook available with text and audio in English, Spanish, and the most widely spoken languages of Minnesota. Share and enjoy!”

Lots of languages, including German – yay – so I’m very happy to tell you about it.

The stories are aimed at children but I’d like to add that they are for any German learning child at heart – so that covers all of us, right?

The stories come in three levels. Each story gives you the names of the authors and also the native speaker who reads the story.

You can then either read the story on your own, have it read to you or click on the bottom button and have it read and the text highlighted.

On the right hand side of each picture there is also the option to change back to English – very useful, if you’re not quite sure of a German word or sentence.

The following screenshots are from three stories, one of each level. If you like the texts, click on the links or the pictures to read/ hear the whole story.

Level 1: Tiere zählen

Level 2: Ein sehr großer Mann

Level 3:  Das Huhn und der Tausendfüßler

If you liked those stories, explore the site and read more German stories ☺

Which one is your favourite?


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