Pseudo Anglicism

Pseudo Anglicism – A word in a language other than English that appears to be English, but in fact is not. (Quoted from Wiktionary)

You have probably heard/ experienced that there are a lot of English words in the German language.  But did you know that there are English words in German which do not have the same meaning as in English?

Check these out:

  • Beamer – video projector
  • Slip – pants, briefs
  • Drive In – Drive-through
  • Smoking – dinner jacket
  • Handy – mobile phone
  • Pullunder – tank top
  • Evergreen – golden oldie (often songs)
  • Bodybag – messenger bag
  • Public viewing – outdoor viewing

and my favourite: Running Dinner – Safari Supper (or progressive dinner in US)

So, now I have to tell you that I’m off to a Running Dinner wearing my Pullunder, Slip and Smoking, while keeping my Handy in my Bodybag; and I will sing an Evergreen during the Public Viewing 😉

Did I miss any? Are there any other good ones?

PS Henning Wehn did a video about Pseudo Angliscim . You can watch it here. 

7 thoughts on “Pseudo Anglicism

  1. Wonderful stuff! Actually “smoking” is used in French as well to mean dinner jacket/tuxedo. “Evergreen” is used in English too, I think, if only rarely now. But the one that got me really laughing was “body bag” … in English you only get to use one of those when you’re dead! Thanks for sharing Angelika … so funny…

    1. Glad you like it, Suze.
      Since writing it it found out that public viewing is also sneaking into the English language with its new meaning of outdoor viewing … certainly makes more sense than body bag 🙂

    2. In France, supermarkets and fast-food restaurants now have a “Drive” extension (no -through or -in to be found)
      And I’m very much afraid that “slip” has meant underpants for ages around here.

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