How to pronounce those long German words

How to pronounce those long German words

As most of you know German words can be fun, especially those long ones. Often my students look at these words and ask me how  to pronounce words like ‘Verkehrsverbindungen’ (transport connections) or ‘Haftpflichtversicherung’ (liability insurance) or ‘Geburtstagseinladung’ (birthday invitation). In a lesson it’s easy as I can give them the answer,but what to do when you’re on your own? How can you break down the words?

Here is a possible answer, a Polish website which hyphenates given words into syllables. You can then read the word as it’s broken up, slowly first until you’re ok with the words.

Have a look at the ones I used earlier:




So, next time you don’t know how to pronounce  a German word, go to the online hyphenation tool. Make sure you’re set it to German and start reading each syllable!
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