EDIT July 2018: interdeutsch.de is not available at the moment. They are updating their website and until it’s back up I won’t know if the exercises are still there. 

Do you like to procrastinate?
And do you also like to learn German?
Do you like painting by numbers?

If you can answer yes to those questions, I’ve found an interesting website for you!
The lovely people from interdeutsch.de have got a page for you to procrastine and practise some German. That must be a win-win situation, right?

On their page  Spaß mit Wortarten – fun with different types of words, they have three types of pictures to colour in, one each for beginners, intermediate and advanced:

How to procrastinate and learn German

Once you’ve chosen a picture, click on one of the pots with the paintbrush.

Nouns – red, verbs – blue, adjectives – green, personal pronouns – yellow, definite/ indefinite articles – light blue, question words – purple, prepositions – orange
I’ve played around with the beginner’s picture to show you what it looks like. You can check at any stage if you’re right by clicking the ‘Überprüfen’ pot. If you’re not finished a sign comes up ‘Da feht noch etwas!’ but anything you might have coloured in wrong will disappear.


The intermediate picture has conjugated verbs and more interesting question words, nouns etc …


… and there are even more interesting words on the advanced picture 🙂


Surely this must be the ideal way to waste , I mean, spend time online!  What do you think? (Don’t worry, if you can’t reply straight away, I know you will be on https://www.interdeutsch.de/Uebungen/Malbuch/wortartflash.html colouring in pictures)  😀

4 thoughts on “How to procrastinate and learn German

    1. Agreed, if you should learn German, then don’t postpone it until tomorrow. But if you should be doing something else and rather have fun learning German, then I like this saying which I just found online:
      Was du heute kannst besorgen,
      verschiebe ruhig auf morgen,
      denn was du heute kannst erleben,
      kann dir morgen keiner geben.

  1. isja viel netter 😉

    Was du heute kannst besorgen,
    verschiebe ruhig auf morgen,
    denn was du heute kannst erleben,
    kann dir morgen keiner geben.

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