Practise your listening skills with German online radio, audio books and podcasts

Practise your listening skills with German online radio, audio books and podcasts

Always on the lookout for free resources for you I have before given you links to websites where you can practise your listening skills. But a few weeks ago I was told about, a paradise for German learners as it has such a variety of podcasts.

For example, a list of podcasts aimed at those who are learning German: deutsch lernen. Instead of having to go to each individual site, you can click on a podcast and listen to it there and then …. and if you don’t like it, you can choose the next one. But you can also read information about the podcast and visit the original site as well.

This was a screenshot I took on the 7th February. As you can see, some podcasts are old, others fairly new.

Screenshot 2017-02-07 19.11.38

Looking around I think that only some of those podcasts above might be for beginners, but even beginners should bookmark the site for later because once your German is getting better and you want to listen to more German, but not do listening exercises, all you need to do is decide on what you like … out of 70.000 podcasts!

There are news and stories for children: Kinder

Screenshot 2017-02-07 17.23.27

Fancy some fitness in German?
Interested in history?
A bit of culture?
Or even philosophy?

There is a variety of audiobooks, again for children and adults: and you can listen to hundreds of radio stations . Those are listed according to genre and countries, so click your way through to the German radio stations, although there is no guarantee that they play German music. But they will talk in German and you might hear German adverts.

There are even German TV stations, but some of them didn’t work, most likely because I’m not in Germany. It is still worth having a look around.

So, to recap it all again, you can listen to one of the 653 German radio stations, listen to one of the many audiobooks, watch some German TV or listen to one of the 70.000 podcasts, which you can also download to your smartphone.

Which leaves the question: Which one will you choose?

Screenshot 2017-02-07 19.22.29

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