Practise your German with online Advent Calendars

Have you bought your Advent Calendar? I bet it has chocolate inside ☺

I had a look again to see if I could find some useful online Advent Calendars and found a few:

  • The Voyage kids has a calendar in English with interesting information about Christmas in Germany.
  • HanisauLand has a calendar with interesting facts in German
  • Deutsche Welle did a nice one two years ago with audio text to guess what has been described. Unfortunately, as it’s an old calendar, you get the answers before you can even listen, but it’s still interesting to see if you would have got the answer…. And it’s still a good listening practice.
  • The Literaturcafe has a new one again.
  • And another calendar from Bavaria where you can win prizes from Bavaria, too.
  • Hueber also has a calendar with prizes to win!
  • Edit: I just found another one, from the Goethe Institut.
  • Also, Leo, the online dictionary has one.

2 thoughts on “Practise your German with online Advent Calendars”

    • I just played it and it does work. Click on the letter which you think is the first, and if you’re right, it moves there. If you’re wrong, nothing happens. (I give you a hint: the word starts with ‘E’).


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