Practise your German with music

When I grew up in Germany it wasn’t ‘cool’ to listen to German music and we only listened to English singing bands or singers.

There were always some German bands who, despite only singing in German, made it  into the international market,  like Rammstein or Tokio Hotel. But their music isn’t to everybody’s taste and I think Tokio Hotel now sing in English.

Then came The Wise Guys who had wonderful songs all in German, perfect for German learners to practise their German, but who sadly split up last year.

In the meantime I had lost all contact to German music.

So, a few weeks ago I asked on Facebook and Twitter what German songs people listened to to practise their German I was blown away by the responses and surprised by the variety of songs.

If you want to practise your German with music, check out some if these singers/ bands.

Die Toten Hosen
They have been around for quite a while, singing German punk and rock,  and were the favourites for several people on Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook. Here’s one of their songs:

Madsen is a German singing Indie Rock band. There is a nice YouTube playlist with many of their songs and the following song was suggested on Facebook. I like it!

Faun is a  German band formed in 1998 who play pagan folk, darkwave and medieval music (Wiki). This song has the lyrics on the video:

Wincent Weiss is a German pop singer.This is his latest song:

Tim Bendzko is a German pop singer-songwriter.

Clueso‘s music is a mix of hip hop, pop and electronic music, and sometimes reggae.

Eisbrecher is a German industrial metal band (Neue Deutsche Härte – new German Hardness)

Isn’t this a great variety of German music? You probably won’t like all the styles but should find something that you like. Which one is your favourite?

I’ll leave you with one more video. It’s not Rammstein, but it’s Rammlied, the UK’s No.1 Rammstein Tribute Band. I recorded it last year at their gig in Swindon, because the guitarist on the left is my son!

If you’d like lots more suggestions of German singers & bands and ten songs with several activities, you might like to enrol in my online course Improve your German with songs. It will show you how to use German songs to improve your German vocabulary, grammar,  listening, speaking, and singing ☺

So, find some enjoyable German songs, get yourself a notebook and start writing new German words, grammar topics or reasons why you like or dislike a German songs, and see your German getting better! Any notebook will do, but if you wish you could buy the one I prepared: Music Journal For German Learners: An 8.5 by 11 inches journal for those who want to use German songs to improve their German

Or, if you prefer something digital instead of pen and paper, You can buy my Trello board.

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