Practise your German with interesting quizzes

EDIT 2020: Sadly, the site has changed and you can’t play Greman quizzes anymore.

If you are a regular visitor to Facebook you have probably come across those “What type of … are you?” quizzes and you may have reacted like I usually do: You ignore them because they are rubbish, or you do one of them just for fun and then laugh at the result.

If you’re not on facebook you may not have even seen these tests, but they can be accessed by anybody. It’s just that they would like you to share on facebook, which, of course, you can ignore, like I usually do.

Anyway, what does this have to do with learning German?

This (top right corner of the page):  b61c65ae-3633-421a-aa5c-b8379b179e0f You can change the language from English to German (or other languages, but we won’t mention them here ☺). Now you can practise your German by doing some of the tests in German and then have a laugh about the test result. They have more than 750 quizzes for you to complete, so there are bound to be some you’d like to do. The following screen shots give you an idea of what quizzes there are:

Practise your German with interesting quizzes

Practise your German with interesting quizzes

Practise your German with interesting quizzes

Have a go at some of the quizzes! if you find them too hard, you can always switch back to English and do them in English first. Then go back to German.

Who knows, you might even find out something interesting about yourself ☺.

Here is the link again:

Let me know which quiz you enjoyed the most! I’m just about to find out how childish I am …. but I won’t tell you the result ☺

Practise your German with interesting quizzes

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