Practise your German with help from your local library

Practise your German with help from your local library

Have you ever had the feeling that somebody gave you a secret tip which actually wasn’t a secret?

That’s how I felt the other day when I received an email which started with “You probably already know this, but in case you don’t …”. Well, I didn’t! And it isn’t a secret anyway, but in case you don’t know this, let me share it with you.

Did you know that your local library may have German children’s books that you can borrow?

I never thought about it, so I went off to our local library and asked…. and the answer was yes. Now I don’t know how libraries in your country may work, I can only talk about England, but my guess is that’s it’s pretty similar.

Our local library does have a few German books for adults but I wanted to know about children’s books. There weren’t any on site but other libraries in Wiltshire did have them and I could borrow them. In fact I could borrow 12 books. Normally, if a book isn’t on site and you need to order it from another local library, you need to pay for it, but that doesn’t apply to children’s books.

So I borrowed 12 random German children’s books with no idea what I would get. When they arrived I was pleasantly surprised about the variety of books I got: Some were really easy readers, others were a lot more challenging and many were in German AND English.

So, if you want to practise some German with children’s books or if you want to read together with your children or grandchildren, go and visit your local library and find out what they have to offer. You can read then read the books for free and borrow them as many times as you like.  Some libraries even let you borrow them on long term loan. Who knows, you might even help prevent your library from getting closed which is currently happening to many UK libraries that aren’t used enough.

If, however, you live in Wiltshire and want to go and borrow some of the German children’s books, you might have to wait a while, as for the next three weeks most of them are at my house ☺

Do you need help reaching your goal of German fluency? I can help you. Message me

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