Practise your German with drawings

Practise your German with drawings

On Twitter I get followed by many German learners and I follow quite a few of them back. One of those that follows me is IchAmy. I am so impressed with her efforts to learn German, that I asked her a few questions.
EDIT 2022: The Twitter account has gone and I don’t know what has happened to Amy, but I hope she’s well and still drawing!

How long have you been learning German, Amy?
I’ve been learning German for about 10 months.

Why did you want to learn German?
I want to go to Germany and communicate with locals in German in the future. Last but not least, I also want to be able to read German books and picture books.

How are you learning German, with a tutor or on your own?
I’m learning by myself. Mostly using Duolingo, my favorite German picture book and tweets in German. I try to listen to German songs and watch some programs in German such as Sesamstraße[ Sesame Street in German]. I prefer to learn German with my hearing and reading than using typical grammar textbooks. I know grammar is important though I easily get bored so…

I guess that’s why you like Duolingo so much?
Yes, one of my friends recommended it to me. She was learning Spanish and Korean with Duolingo for her vacations in the past and from her experience she knew that Duolingo works well for beginners especially.

What do you do to reinforce what you’ve learned?
I use music and my creative drawing. Both are my essentials in daily life. Thus I think it’ s nice to incorporate them into my learning German daily bases.

And this is where we should stop talking and show some of the things Amy uses instead of Duolingo.

This video is perfect if you want to watch something in German but also feel the need for English subtitles.

This is one of her favourite songs, and no, it’s not a French song. It’s about a German girl who doesn’t understand French – a bit like how many German learners feel when they hear Germans talk ☺

And this is another one:

But what has blown me away most is the way she practises her German – with drawings. Just look at some of them:

Aren’t they brilliant? I hope to see more of those!

Now, not everybody likes to draw. You won’t find me practising anything with drawings – I can’t even draw proper matchstick men ☺- but maybe you do. Or maybe you use something completely different to practise your German. Let us know, and, if you wish, become a future blog post guest!

But before you go, I’ll let Amy have the last word:
“Danke Angelika, dass du mir diese Fragen gestellt hast. Ich hoffe, ich kann viele Deutsch lernende Menschen inspirieren. Lass uns zusammen Spaß mit Deutsch haben!”

Oh ja!

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