Practise your German grammar with the Digitale Schule Bayern

Practise your German grammar with the Digitale Schule Bayern

EDIT SEPTEMBER 2020: The Digitale Schule Bayern has closed. It’s not very clear whether this is permanent or temporary, so I’m keeping this post for a while.

On my hunt for free online resources I came across the Digitale Schule Bayern and in particular the German resources from Suzanne Schaefer

She has a huge variety of resources, originally aimed at school children, but she hopes that others also find them useful. Of course, we do!

Each category has some grammar information plus PDFs to print out and online exercises which give you the answers straight away. I show you some screenshots to get the idea, and if you’d like to have a go, click on the ‘this one’ above each image. It’ll take you to the original exercise.

Unterlagen (Documents)
This page has lots of PDFs with grammar information, useful to look at before you do any exercises. BUT, they are all in German, none of the explanations are in English.

Rechtschreibung (Spelling)
Lots of either PDFs or online activities about the German spelling. Like this one:

Or this one

Grammatik (Grammar)
More PDFs or online exercises, like this one

Or this one

In this one you need to find the mistakes. I’ve done the first few on the screenshot.

Textverständnis (text comprehension)

Like this one

Have a look around those German resources. It will take a little getting used to the various topics, but I’m sure you will find something suitable for whatever you are practising at the moment.

Let me know what you think.

2 thoughts on “Practise your German grammar with the Digitale Schule Bayern

  1. Hello Agelika, great your constant daily work on the German language, that focuses many interesting and useful facts.
    I wonder if you have ever faced the path of learning German from the mother tongue view. I mean what about the best grammar books Italian-German (High school) to start leaning it?
    After having walked that path made up of web searches, University contacts and comparisons of titles from web sites of editors, I personally found these titles of reference, assuming Italian as mother tongue:
    By Giorgio Motta: Grammatik direkt neu (mit losungen) publisher: Loescher (high school level)
    By Andreas De Jong: grammaktiv (mit losungen) publisher: Poseidonia scuola
    By Dreyer, Schmitt: Grammatica tedesca con esercizi publisher: Hueber
    Losungsschlussel by Hueber.
    The first twos have web resources avaiable for free for some months.
    The last title is for university but may be considered a reference after after .the regular course of the first approach.
    I wonder if you have done a search for whom is French or Spanish mother tongue.
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Giuseppe, thanks for your comment. It would be very difficult for me to review French, Spanish (or any other language) resources for German learners, because it wouldn’t know how good they are. My non-existing or basic knowledge of the other languages isn’t good enough to work out how their explanations are.
      The only thing I can recommend is who offer free language lessons from various languages into several languages.

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