Practise your German grammar with a free smartphone app

 Practise your German grammar with a free smartphone app

A while ago I heard about this free Android app from DeutschAkademie. I’ve been trying it out for some time now and I’m impressed!  It’s a perfect chance to practise your grammar. Whatever grammar you have learnt in your German lesson, there is bound to be an exercise for you to practice.

EDIT 2016, there is also now an iPhone app!

Once you’ve installed the app and clicked on the icon (which looks like the picture above), you’ll see these options:

The top one is the most useful option, as it names all the grammar topics by level. Chose the level you’re working at, A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 or C2. Then find the grammar bit you want to practise. The only drawback is that everything is in German, which might make it difficult for a beginner to find the relevant section. But if you have learnt something new in your lessons and want to practise some more at home, ask your tutor what you should look out for.  I’m sure they are more than happy to show you. It’s also usable offline, so you can practise wherever you are!

So, stop reading this now, download the app and practise some German grammar, and enjoy …. if I’m allowed to say that  🙂 ….. THEN come back here and tell me what you thought about it  😀



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