Practical German for Christmas

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Welcome to a new series of blog posts based on our ‘Ask Angelika’ shows, this time season 5 with practical or useful sentences you might hear or use yourself in certain scenarios.

And we’re starting with Advent and Christmas.

Haben wir einen Adventskranz für die Adventszeit?
Do we have an Advent wreath for the Advent season?

Ich wünsche dir/ euch/ Ihnen eine schönen 1. Advent.
I wish you a happy 1st Advent.
Use ‘Ihnen’ if you are talking formally to people you don’t really know. If they are friends or family and you are speaking informally, use ‘dir’ when talking to one person, and ‘euch’ when talking to a group.

Ich muss noch einen Adventskalender kaufen.
I (still) have to buy an advent calendar.
If you haven’t got one yet and would like to make your own with German Christmas words, check out the one I prepared: Advent Calendar for German Learners (it’s free, but you’ll have to make it)

Am 6. Dezember ist Nikolaustag.
It’s St Nicholas Day on the 6th of December.
A little more info: Have you been good for St Nicholas?

Hast du deinen Teller oder Stiefel vor die Tür gestellt?
Did you put your plate or boot outside the door?

Ich möchte einen Weihnachtsmarkt besuchen.
I’d like to visit a Christmas market.
For more information read my blog post German Christmas Markets

Dann möchte ich Glühwein trinken und ein Stück Stollen essen.
Then I want to drink mulled wine and eat a piece of Stollen.

Heiligabend stellen wir den Weihnachtsbaum/ Christbaum/ Tannenbaum auf.
Christmas Eve we put up the Christmas tree.

Am Abend gibt es Bescherung.
In the evening there are presents.

Danach gehen wir zur Mitternachtsmesse.
Afterwards we go to midnight mass.

Wo ist mein bunter Teller?
Where is my colourful plate with sweets, nuts and biscuits?

Frohe Weihnachten
Merry Christmas

Here’s the video where Steven gets to practise saying and translating the sentences

If you want to read more about Advent and Christmas in German, check out this post Weihnachten in Deutschland – a reading comprehension for Advent

What can you do with these sentences to remember them?

You can bookmark this post or make a vocabulary list with them. You can do that with any paper or electronic notebook. Or you could buy my notebook which I designed specially for German vocab learners. It has space for vocabulary lists and sentences. You can even choose one of two colours ☺

Red notebook Orange notebook

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