Practical German for Carnival

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Welcome to my next blog post based on our ‘Ask Angelika’ shows with practical or useful sentences or phrases you might hear or use yourself in certain scenarios.

Today we’re talking about carnival in Germany.

Die fünfte Jahreszeit
The fifth season (carnival season). You can read more in this blog post Carnival – the Fifth Season in Germany

Die verrückten Tage
the crazy days

Fastnacht/ Fasching/ Karneval

Women’s Carnival Day. You can read more in this blog post Weiberfastnacht – Women’s Carnival

Rose Monday, two days before Ash Wednesday, when Lent begins.

Faschingsdienstag/ Fastnacht
Carnival Tuesday, the last day of being crazy and silly as the next day is Ash Wednesday.

Der Karnevalsumzug
carnival parade. You can read more in this blog post Carnival in Germany

Das Kostüm

der Karnevalsverein
carnival association/ club

die Karnevalshochburg
carnival stronghold

Der Jeck
carnival reveller/active participants

Luftschlangen und Konfetti
Streamers and confetti

carnival cheer in carnival strongholds, like Mainz

carnival cheer in Cologne

Here’s the video where Steven gets to practise saying and translating the sentences:

What can you do with these phrases to remember them?

You can bookmark this post or make a vocabulary list with them. You can do that with any paper or electronic notebook. Or you could buy my notebook which I designed specially for German vocab learners. It has space for vocabulary lists and sentences. You can even choose one of two colours ☺

Red notebook Orange notebook

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