Are you looking for different ways of learning German because it gets boring reading and re-reading your text book?
Do you like playing games?

Then you may like to try out games for languages, a site with lots of quick games to practise your German (other languages are also available).

You can subscribe to their free course of 36 lessons:

 “Each course has 36 lessons – we call them “Scenes.” Each Scene has a Memory Game, in which you hear and learn 16-20 NEW words. The games that follow help you to:
Memorize words and phrases with “Snap Clouds” & “Shooting Gallery”
Practice pronunciation with “Say It” & “Record It”
Discover translations and get grammar tips with”Deal no Deal”
Translate and learn word order with “Word Invaders”
Write key words with “Writing Clowns”
Recall vocabulary with “Word Hero” & “Recall & Record”
And more …”

Or, if you don’t like to register, just play their quick games.

I leave you with a few screen shots to see what some of the games look like. But go and have a look at games for languages  for yourself and play. Anything to help you practise your German without repeating your textbooks can’t be bad, right?




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