Pilates vs German Lessons – What’s the Difference?

Pilates vs German lessons - what's the difference?

I had an interesting conversation with a friend earlier about keep fit classes and language classes  (she is also a language teacher) and how much easier it seems to go to Pilates classes instead of German lessons.

We started to compare them –

  • attending keep fit classes is good for losing weight
  • they are good for your physical well-being
  • if you miss several, you can still re-join later and carry on without any problem.
These points don’t seem to apply for learning a language, don’t they? Well, I disagree, and this is why:
  • Learning a language is good for losing weight: Just imagine, you’re at home getting bored, so you go to the cupboard and get another bar of chocolate or packet of crisp. If, on the other hand, you were at an evening class learning German, you would have so much fun, you wouldn’t even think about chocolate or crisps (Ok, this may not apply if you have a Christmas or end of year party)
  • Language classes are good for your physical well-being: Absolutely! If you have joined the right class, you will laugh out loud a lot during the lessons – and we all know that laughing burns calories 
  • If you miss many lessons … well, that is the only point where language learning loses out. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to catch up if you miss too many lessons, although with the help of your tutor and some extra work at home it can be possible.
So, to summarise it again –

There is absolutely nothing wrong with joining a Pilates class, but if you want to do something good for you, join a German class (other languages are also good 🙂). With the right group and teacher you will have so much fun, you will laugh yourself slim, you will prevent any age related illnesses, and for one or two hours you can forget about any personal problems in you life.

You think I’m exaggerating?
Of course, I am, but why don’t you try it out and see whether there might just be a tiny shred of truth in it?

Let me know if you agree with me. I’d love to know.

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  1. You can also look up Pilates tutorials in German to practice listening! Suggested key phrase to type into the search engine: “Pilates Anleitung.”


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