Learning German on Udemy

Learning German on Udemy

Readers of my website will always get the current best price. Just click on the links or the pictures to find out more about the courses and see what Udemy has as the best price in your country.

Every course has –

  • 30-Day-Money-Back guarantee
  • Full lifetime access
  • Videos, often with additional resources
  • Quizzes & worksheets and/ or assignments
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Certificate of completion
  • Interaction with instructor (if wished)

You can also gift a course to another German learner!
Click on ‘Learn More’ to find out exactly what each course entails. 


New! Improve your German with German music Learn how to use German songs to improve your German vocabulary, grammar, listening, speaking, and singing 🙂

Basic German for young children Ideas for parents to teach their young children some basic German, or even enjoy learning together. 

German for beginners – for business or holidays – and more!  a 30+ day challenge for learning basic German in time for your awesome holiday or successful business trip to Germany. 

The complete guide to German punctuation
Everything – and possibly more – you ever wanted to know and learn about using punctuation in German!

The German Alphabet – a complete guide to spelling and pronunciation  Learn how to spell and pronounce words in German and practise listening to the letters of the German alphabet

Numbers in German – Everything  you ever wanted to know and learn about saying and using numbers in German 

German grammar – the four cases Go back to basics and learn everything you need to know about the German nominative, accusative, dative & genitive case! 

German grammar – word order  Find out how German word order differs from English and learn the rules to help you make great German sentences. 

German grammar - word order rating

Gender courses

German grammar – gender #1 –  Is it der, die or das? Learn how to work out whether a German noun is masculine, feminine or neuter. 

German grammar – gender #2 –  the plurals.   Learn, which nouns take which ending, which nouns take an umlaut or don’t change at all. 

The tenses

German grammar – the tenses #1 – the  present tense. Learn how to conjugate regular & irregular verbs, separable & inseparable verbs, impersonal & modal verbs, and the imperative. 

German grammar – the tenses #2 – the past tenses. Learn how to form the perfect tense, imperfect tense and the pluperfect tense. 

German grammar – the tenses #3 – the future tenses. Learn about the different ways you can talk about future events or plans.

German grammar – the tenses #4 – the passive voice. Learn how to recognize and formulate the passive voice in German present, past and future tense sentences. 

Free courses

Language Learning – how to decide which is the best for you. Tips to help you decide which language to learn if you don’t HAVE to but WANT to learn a new foreign language 

Women Helping Women to Succeed. A collection of resources created by women to empower and motivate women in support of International Women’s Day 

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