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If you ever wanted to learn German but cannot join a class or have regular lessons and you find learning with books difficult or even boring, then this is a great option for you!

I currently have several courses on two platforms,   Udemy and Skillshare.

Courses on Udemy are mostly video based with printed material as well and sometimes quizzes, but unlike learning with books, you can interact with the instructor and/ or fellow students if you wish.

Readers of my website will always get the current best price. Check out my Learning German on Udemy page and  click on the links or the pictures to find out more about the courses and see what Udemy has as the best price in your country.
If you don’t know Udemy, download my PDF with instructions on how to buy a course on Udemy


Skillshare is a membership site. There are some free courses but for the majority you need to be a premium member. Membership is well worth it for the +17,000 of courses and at the moment you can try it out for for two months for free. Just click to my landing page  and then click on the green bar at the top. Alternatively, check out my Learning German on Skillshare page to see which courses I offer. Just click on any picture or text of the course you might be interested in.

Skillshare classes are shorter than Udemy courses. The idea of Skillshare is that you can learn a new skill every day by watching a short course followed by a project.  Making a project is your chance to consolidate what you learned while watching the videos.

For some sample lessons, check out my Youtube playlist