My First Day at School

Bečej My First Day at SchoolMein erster Schultag This is a picture of me on my first day at school with my brand new school bag (Schultasche) and my ‘Schultüte’ (roughly translated as school cone). My school bag had my first lot of exercise books, text books and a pencil case, but what was in the school cone? All German children get a school cone on their first ever day at school. It is designed to make their start into school life a bit sweeter and inside they will find sweets and usually one or more toys (depending on what’s fashionable at the time). I found in mine some fruit, some sweets and my first Barbie Doll. It certainly made my first day at school sweeter!

You can’t buy those cones in England, but you can make your own. This site explains in detail and with pictures how to make one, it is quite easy.
EDIT June 2016: I have just found out that you CAN buy them in the UK. You can get them from Kiddicone

If you think I look older than English children do on their first day, you are correct. German children start school when they are six years old, but I was seven. Until I turned six, a new school year started at Easter in Germany. As my birthday is in July, I wasn’t allowed to go that year. The following year, the new school year started in September, meaning I started aged seven. A seven year old in England will have had two years of school already – but I still learned everything . .  . . . . . .  I think 😉

Did you get a Schultüte when you were little?
What was in it?
Or have you ever made one? Do tell!

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