Mmmh, Philadelphia mit Milka!


When I moved to England in 1982, I used to miss a lot of food things that I could buy in Germany, so whenever I had the chance to go back I used to stock up on those things.Gradually, over the years I was able to buy more and more German food items and since the arrival of LIDL and Aldi I can almost get everything. . . . . . until . . . during my last holiday in Germany . . . I spotted this:

Philadelphia mit Milka!

Philadelphia cheese with chocolate – sheer bliss! It has about half the calories of chocolate spread, is absolutely delicious, and I just finished the last bit! AND – I can’t get it in England :-(Is there any German food that you wish you could buy where you live? UPDATE March 2012: Guess, what you can now buy in England?  Update 2017: I can’t find it anymore in the UK 🙁

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