Lost German compound nouns found after long search

Lost German compound nouns found after long search

About two years ago I posted an A to Z of long German compound nouns on twitter – one every day, the German words took up a lot of the 140 characters 🙂
For a while I had the whole list on my website, then moved it because I wanted something else. I even saved the list, but then lost it 🙁
Well, last weekend I did some PC tidying up and guess what? I found it again. So here it is:

Do you know some of these long German

A: der Abendmahlsgottesdienst – Communion service
B: das Breitbandkommunikationsnetz – broadband communications network
C: die Charaktereigenschaft – character trait
D: das Demonstrationsmaterial – teaching material
E: das Energieversorgungsunternehmen – energy supply
F: das Fehlerkorrekturprogramm – debugging program
G: die Gutenachtgeschichte – bedtime story
H: die Haifischflossensuppe – shark’s-fin soup
I: die Identifikationsfigur – role model
J: der Johannisbeerstrauch – redcurrant bush
K: die Kommunikationsschwierigkeiten – communication difficulties
L: der Lohnsteuerjahresausgleich – annual adjustment of income tax
M: die Müllverbrennungsanlage – incineration plant
N: nigelnagelneu – brand spanking new
O: der Organspenderausweis – donor card
P: die Privatangelegenheit – private matter
Q: das Querfeldeinrennen – cross-country
R: die Rufnummernanzeige – caller ID display
S: die Spargelcremesuppe – cream of asparagus soup
T: der Tante-Emma-Laden  –  corner shop
U: die Überrumpelungstaktik – surprise tactics
V: das Verlängerungskabel – extension lead
W: die Wasserschildkröte – turtle
X: die X-Großzehe – bunion
Y: der Yapbrillenvogel – Yap white eye (for those who, like me, don’t know,
it’s a bird 😉
Z: das Zeugnisverweigerungsrecht – right of a witness to refuse to give
It just shows, doing a bit of tidying up sometimes can help you find things, even German compound nouns  😉

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