Loriot - still one of Germany's best comedians!

Bernhard-Victor Christoph-Carl von Bülow would have celebrated his 90th birthday today. He was born on the 12th November 1923 in Brandenburg an der Havel in Germany and died on the 22nd August 2011.

Under the name Loriot he was a famous German comedian, well known for his cartoons and sketches. If you’d like to check him out search for him on Youtube, there are hundreds of videos to watch. I’ve found two which have been translated and one which doesn’t need translating. Enjoy!

EDIT 2017: Sadly, the videos I found are no longer available on YouTube. It looks like a lot of them have been taken down, but I have found one with a small collection of films. Please let me know if that has disappeared.
EDIT 2018: The playlist has also gone due to copyright issues. I now found some other videos. Let’s see how long they stay.

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