Lidl roll up their sleeves for more bakeries

There is something going on in a lot of LIDL UK stores. I noticed building works at our Devizes shop, then Trowbridge.

Apparently a bakery!

A bakery?

Well, today I checked out the LIDL shop in Melksham which already had the extension work done. They now have an in-store bakery with lots of nice smelling and looking breads, rolls and cakes. They seem to have been pre-baked somewhere else and then get finished on site.  I couldn’t find many German breads etc … but there were a few., and what I bought tasted delicious!

So, if you can’t get freshly baked bread from a German baker, this surely must be second best, and if your LIDL hasn’t got a bakery yet, ask them. I have a feeling they will all get one eventually.

6 thoughts on “Lidl roll up their sleeves for more bakeries

  1. Although we use independent stores for meat, bread, and fruit and veg, we shop at Lidl each week for other groceries and are generally impressed. Ours is a small store and they have just installed a bakery but this consists of a few ovens to finish off frozen dough. I was not that impressed, especially as we are lucky to have two independent bakers in the town who bake from scratch. I still like Lidl though, especially their cherry brandy and apricot brandy.

    1. I agree. I also would rather use freshly baked goods from a baker, but if you’re after some proper German bread which your local baker may not bake, then this is better than having to send for it from Germany.

      1. I’ll take another look. My family love the stollen and their panettone (I know it’s not German) is wonderful. We bought a really good stepladder recently too. Hm, better stop there.

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