Learn more about Germany's history with Zeitklicks

Nigel A while ago I posted about a website which lets you read a lot about Beethoven. Here is a similar website giving you lots of reading and listening practice about Germany’s history. Aimed at German children, the site covers 100 years of history, from the Imperial Era to the fall of the Berlin Wall. Again there are topics to chose with lots of reading and listening material. This website is very useful for those who have passed their GCSE or are working at level B2 of the European Framework and are interested in German history. In particular A-level students will find this site useful, as German history and especially East German history is part of their studies.

Durg Go and have a look at Read about some of Germany’s famous people, watch videos, learn about live in historic Germany, listen to people speak and even test yourself. Find something to read for a few minutes … or a few hours! Enjoy!

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