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This post contains an affiliate link to Mosalingua. It means I’ll get a few pence if you buy anything – at no extra cost to you.

Have you heard of Mosalingua? Have you used it to learn German?
I had heard of it but have to admit I hadn’t tried it out…. until the lovely people from Mosalingua invited me to do so. How could I refuse!

What is Mosalingua? The best way to explain is to show your their video first:

The levels you can try are:

Mosalingua levels

Two more screenshots:

M screenshot

But I also did a video to show you a little around: (My apologies for the tinny sound of any words you hear from the site. That isn’t what you will hear if you listen to it yourself. That’s just my recording.)

If you are intrigued, then download the free app to your smartphone and try it out. It won’t give you access to everything but it will give you a good idea of what to expect. If you like it, you can then buy the paid version at $4.99. I know I said 3.99 on the video but when I looked at the app I saw the price in British pounds.

If you’d rather try out the web version, you can try it out for free for 15 days by clicking on the widget on the side or clicking here: I want to try Mosalingua for free

My final verdict: If you are learning German with a tutor or another application, then the free or even the paid smartphone app could be a good addition to your usual material. If, however, you are considering learning German and haven’t decided yet how to do this, then try out the web version (which, by the way, syncs with the smartphone app, so you can also use it when on the go) for free to see if this might be a good way for you to learn German. Especially, if you are considering buying books or software. Whatever you decide, enjoy your German learning!

As always, if you are teaching yourself German with an online application and you do get stuck, feel free to book a 30 minutes or 1 hour online lesson with me. You are not committing yourself to further lessons.  Find out more here.

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