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A while ago I had an email from somebody at Mondly by Pearson. Who are they, I wondered, as I’d never heard of them. To my surprise I found out that Mondly has been around for quite a few years and has been getting awards like ‘Facebook App of the year 2017’ or ‘Google Play Editor’s choice 2017’. You can learn 41 languages, including German.

So I asked if I could try out the German version for you and they agreed. And I like it! It’s a bit like Duolingo, but I think it’s nicer and better.

For starters, you get relevant sentences for German learners, not typical Duolingo sentences like ‘The sheep eats an apple’.

One drawback is that the free usage is very limited. You can try the premium version for free for 7 days, but if you then decide not to continue, your usage is limited to the Daily Lessons, the entire Hello category, and a chatbot lesson. You also have access to their phrasebook. Also, the daily lessons are quite fun. I encountered a few German words that I hadn’t thought of for a while so it was interesting even for me, the native German speaker.

But try it out for 7 days and see what you think.

I tried out the beginners’ level first. There are lots of topics. On the computer you can see almost all of them in one go, like in my screenshot, whereas with the app you need to scroll quite a bit to see them all.

The exercises are great for reading, listening and writing and not bad for speaking. It took two attempts for the app to recognise my voice but then it always wrote exactly what I said. That was impressive.

I did read in some reviews that sometimes people have problems with the speech recognition. If it happens to you I’d suggest you spend that particular first speaking session just for speech recognition. Speak slowly to start with and keep going until the app writes what you said. You should be fine after that.

The following screenshot is from the advanced level taken from my phone. As you can see, this is from the business German section.

If you decide to pay for it, the current costs are £9.99 per month or £4.99 per month if you pay annually for just one language, but if you decide quickly you can extend that to a deal to include all the languages – great if you had more than German in mind! You can even get Lifetime Access for all languages with a one-off payment! What’s not to like about that?

Apart from obviously having access to all the lessons, you also have access to Mondly for Kids.

You also get free access to Mondley AR. Sadly, although I could have got it, my phone didn’t! So if you want to learn languages in Augmented Reality you need to have a smartphone that is compatible. If you do try it out, please let me know you thoughts.

And finally, there is also a VR app. That, however, costs extra and you’ll need a VR headset, which I certainly don’t have. If you do and are using it, please tell me what it’s like. I’d love to know!

Is there anything I don’t like? Not so much don’t like but miss. There is no grammar explanation.

Yes, there are grammar excercises. They let you practise a grammar topic, but they don’t explain it. It seems to be a common feature with language learning apps.

But luckily, that has been bothering me for such a long time (ever since I tried out Duolingo), that I made my own grammar courses.

So, try out Mondly, use the premium feature, enjoy learning lots of German, and when you need extra grammar explanations, get one of my courses. They all work beautifully alongside any language learning app, including Mondly.

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  1. 1) Thank you for the great review and the information on the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale!
    Also (as in the past) would you happen to know if Mondly be having a New Year’s sale extending from after Xmas to the New Year?


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