Learn German with a free online game from the Goethe-Institut

The Goethe-Institut has published a new free online resource for learning German, called Unsere Straße (Our street).

As you scroll along the street, you’ll come across different scenarios and if you click on them, you’ll see some situations with choices for you to make:

There are also exercises for you to do, if you click on ‘Übungen’ you’ll see a choice of three.

On the left of the screen is a button with a moon. Click on it and you’ll get some scenes at night time. Click back on the button (now with a sun picture) and you’re back in the street at daytime.

Here is another exercise you could do:

Did this whet your appetite?

Here is the link again: https://www.goethe.de/lrn/pro/str/index.html?wt_sc=strasse

Have a go, have fun and learn German!

Viel Spaß!

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