Learn German while meditating

The other day I shared a post about language learning while you sleep  (and no, it isn’t THAT easy!) when somebody on LinkedIn commented that he listens to meditation videos when he can’t sleep. He then started listening to meditation in a foreign language and found it useful. That gave me the idea for this week’s blog post and I had a look for meditation videos in German.

I looked for ‘Meditation für Kinder’ and ‘Meditation für Anfänger’ because I felt that they were a little more basic and hopefully easier to understand for German learners. I found some lovely videos and hope you will like them, too. At best you’ll learn some German, at worst you’ll fall asleep hearing a nice German voice –  win win ☺


A five minute early morning routine (You can ignore the first 29 seconds)

Do you think it will help?

EDIT 2019: I have just been told about this Spotify playlist: Learn German in your sleep. This might be another way to learn. What do you think?

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