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Sometimes I get asked about German lessons by people who live too far away for me to travel. If I then suggest online lessons via  Skype, they shy away. They want the personal touch, they say, and in a way, I agree. I rather teach with the student in the same room.

But what if that’s not possible? What if you’ve looked for a tutor and cannot find one in your area?
This is what happened to one of my students.
Last year he was looking for a German tutor but could not find anybody where he lived.

Fast forward one year and the lessons are still going strong. In all that time we had 2 small internet problems which interrupted the lessons for a short while.
During the same time I had other lesson cancellations because of bad weather and broken down cars. Not a worry with online lessons.
So, if you are looking for German lessons and can’t find a tutor, then consider learning via Skype. Give it a try – you may be pleasantly surprised….. and, if your tutor has a nasty cold like I have at the moment, you can’t catch it either ;-))

2 thoughts on “Learn German via Skype”

  1. Learning German via Skype is a great way to do it if you are unable to find a local tutor. It’s in line with the growing number of things that are available on line.
    One benefit of using Skype was that on those few occasions when one of us wasn’t available on the usual day of the lesson we could rearrange the time to suit us both. Sometimes I had a lesson on a Friday, and one on the following Monday – homework was done in a bit of a rush over the weekend!!
    If you want to learn German and there are no local German tutors give Skype a try. Even the technical glitches we suffered didn’t stop the lesson for more than a few minutes, and because the timer on Skype was restarted I probably got longer lessons on those occasions 😉

  2. Looks like I need to charge more on those occasions then 😉
    But seriously, I wasn’t too sure about using Skype before but now know it’s just as easy teaching online. Of course, having a good student also helps …


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