EDIT: Of course, this post is for any time, not just World Cups – as long as you’re a football fan ☺

For all those football fans who will be glued to the screen for the next few weeks but would also like to learn some German, here is some football info in German.

The first is a list of German football terms, one each for the next 32 days:

• die Fußballmannschaft – football team
• der Verteidiger – defender
• der Stürmer – striker
• der Außenverteidiger – outside defender
• der Innenverteidiger – inside defender
• der Libero – sweeper
• der Flügelstürmer – winger
• das Tor – goal
• der Torwart – goalkeeper
• der Strafraum – penalty area
• der Schiedsrichter – referee
• der Linienrichter – linesman
• die gelbe Karte – yellow card
• die rote Karte – red card
• der Mittelfeldspieler – midfield player
• der Elfmeterpunkt – penalty spot
• das Elfmeterschießen – penalty shoot-out
• die Fans – supporters
• die Ersatzbank – substitute bench
• der Ersatzspieler – substitute player
• der Trainer – coach
• die Eckfahne – corner flag
• der Freistoß – free kick
• Abseits – offside
• die Halbzeit – half time
• das Trikot – football shirt
• das Halbfinale – semi final
• der Verlierer – loser, die Verlierer – losers
• die Nachspielzeit – extra time
• der Kopfball – header
• das Finale – the final
• der Weltmister – world champion

I found this lovely video which tells you a lot about football – in German, of course  😉

So now you can combine your two favourite leisure activities – watching football and learning German!

And if you don’t like football and don’t get the chance to watch any other TV, check out my free online resources and use the time to practise some German   💡

Alternatively, subscribe to my newsletter (see top right on this page)  and you’ll get all those free online resources as a PDF booklet and you will be informed once a month (on the 1st) about anything new. For any non- football fans this must be THE alternative, right?  😆

EDIT June 2018: As it’s the World Cup we did our ‘Ask Angelika’ show about football:



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