Learn 10 new German words per day with Twitter

Learn 10 new German words per day with Twitter

I often get asked by my students how they can extend their vocabulary. One way is via Twitter. If you are new to Twitter or haven’t used it much it, it’s a great way to learn new German words. I have found ten people, who offer a German word, sentence or activity of the day. Follow them, spend a few minutes every day with those new words and – hey presto – you are extending your German vocabulary ➡

Update January 2020: Some of the original links I gave have stopped tweeting, so I have deleted them and added some new ones!

DW – Learn German  offers lots of exercise and information

LearnOutLive German tweets lots of words or sentences every day

LWO German   offers daily German words and sentences

The German Way, now called Hydelberg has brilliant blog posts

Herr Antrim posts great German grammar videos

German should be fun tweets in German, then gives the translation

German Language posts words and sentences

slowgerman tweets links to one podcast a day

Coffee Break German posts lots of links to their podcasts

GoodGermanWords tweets some really good German words!

Do you know any other ones that tweet daily words? Let me know, so that I can add them or just comment below.

I am also on twitter – I wouldn’t have found all those lovely people if I wasn’t 😉

If you are not following me yet, I am german_tutor  – who else 🙄

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