Keep up to date with Angelika’s newsletter

Keep up to date with Angelika's newsletter

Do you get excited when you have mail? I only seem to get really exciting mail at Christmas and for my birthdays. Apart from that, the only mail coming through my door is junk mail or bills. The first gets recycled, the latter paid!

As for emails, most of the emails I receive are business related and therefore important. Then there are those personal ones which are always nice to get.

And then there are newsletters …..

There are so easy to subscribe to, you just enter your name and email address and -hey presto – you receive regular updates!

I get a lot of newsletters. Most get read and then deleted, some get saved, some I look forward to receiving and others I wish I hadn’t subscribed to because, actually, they don’t interest me. Luckily, most have the unsubscribe button!

Why am I telling you all this? Because you can now subscribe to my newsletters and this is an invitation for you to check it out. Just fill in your details at the bottom or top right.

I promise you, you won’t you get inundated with countless emails. No, once you’ve registered you’ll get one email per month with updates about blog posts, events, competitions, my life (well, maybe not) ….. anything that may be interesting for you – and if it isn’t, well there’s the unsubscribe button at the bottom of every email….

I hope this has made you want to subscribe. I would love to have you as one of my newsletter readers!

And as a Thank You you’ll get my free eBook Free German Online Resources with the welcome email.

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