I have been teaching German via Skype for quite a while now and if you can’t find a German teacher in your area it is a great alternative.

But what if it’s a small group who wants to learn German and can’t find a teacher?
What if you and your best friend always wanted to learn German together but he or she now lives too far away from you?

The answer is : Google+ Hangouts!

I must admit I’m not very keen on the name but the idea is great. Just as with Skype you’ll need a microphone and a webcam, but with Google+ Hangout you can meet with up to 9 people and still see each other on screen. 

That could be the teacher, you and up to eight more students.

I have been ‘hanging out’ on google+ a few times now and can the advantages for language learning.

Would you like to try it out?

Connect with me on google+ and let’s do a short trial lesson. Who knows where this may lead to …


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