My friend Suzan St Maur challenged me yesterday to write a blog post with 26 sentences in the order of the alphabet. I like the odd challenge here and there, so here is my post, a conversation between a husband and his wife in 26 sentences from A to Z:

Angelika teaches German.” 

But why should I learn German?” 

Can I not just use google translate?”

Don’t you want to export to Germany?”

Export yes, learn German no!” 

For what it’s worth, most Germans speak English.”

Good, then I don’t need to learn.”

Hang on, how about some courtesy?”

I am always polite!!!”

Jolly good, then you know how to address your new clients with the right phrases!”

Knowledge is king – even I know that!”

Let’s go through some of those phrases; you want to make sure you say them right.”

Maybe I do need a bit of help – don’t want to make mistakes.”   

Not sure if I DO know how to say all these new words.”

Of course, Angelika will help you!”

Perhaps you’d like to join me and we learn together?” 

Quickly, before you change your mind!”

Ring her now and book a lesson!”

Sure, where is her number?

Translations are on offer, too!”

Understanding your clients is important!”

Very good, dear, let’s get all this sorted properly.”  

When shall we start?”  

Xylophones will sell so well once we can speak some German and have our website translated into German!” 

Yes, I’m so glad we have taken the plunge to do it properly!”

Zealously they booked some lessons, got some paperwork translated and started selling their xylophones successfully in Germany!!!

That’s me done! Can you do better? Will you join the challenge? If you do and post a link to your blog below I will promote it for you, too. Good luck!


photo credit: Leo Reynolds via photopin cc

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23 Responses to Join the challenge and write a blog post using the alphabet!

  1. Brilliant – well done Angelika! I will share this on HTWB so those readers can admire your skills, too…

  2. Thanks, Theresa, and thanks for dropping by.

  3. Cindy Siebert says:

    Great job with that!! Looks like it would be hard to do well.

  4. LynnTulip says:

    This is fantastic Angelika, well done

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  6. Thanks, Joanne. When you’re done post a link here, we’d love to read it, too!

  7. Coach joyce says:

    Fun challenge and very fun to read.

  8. Sarupa Shah says:

    Love it!

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  10. Nanette Levin says:

    You took a fun and creative approach with this, Angelika. I agree, it was easier than I had imagined. On all German’s speaking English – I heard that too before I flew over on a three-week exchange program to Stade. There were about three merchants in the entire city who spoke English. I felt like the stereotypical obnoxious American as these poor shop owners scrambled to try to find someone who could understand me. I vowed never again to go to a country without learning the language first. Anyway, here’s my ABC contribution to this fun challenge:

    • Thanks, Nanette, and thanks for posting your link here, too. As for all Germans speaking English, that’s s huge hit and miss. You’ll find many in the big cities, then again you may not find any …

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