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A while ago I wrote how listening to German radio stations can help with learning German, and then the blog post Learn German with Children’s TV Programmes  for people who have started learning German.

Today I’d like to give some suggestions for those who already understand enough to watch a bit more advanced TV.

Just like the BBC iPlayer, German TV stations also have websites with videos. Unfortunately, thanks to the GEMA ( a performance rights organisation in Germany) you won’t be able to watch all the videos, sometimes you may see some text like on the following screenshot:


Fortunately, there is still enough for you to watch. Have a look at the following websites, where you can watch news (Nachrichten), Sport, documentaries, soaps, even whole films. Just be aware that films which were originally shown, say, after 8pm, will only be available after 8pm (unlike our iPlayers, where you can watch films at any time, no matter whether they were meant to be after a certain time).

Check out –

Das Erste 




It is not that easy to suggest programmes to watch, as everybody is interested in different things. So, go and have a look at those sites, play around, click on links, find videos, watch whatever interests you and ENJOY what you DO understand.

Alternatively, check out Deutsche Welle where you can listen to news spoken slowly. You can also read the transcript. Either way, don’t worry if you don’t understand everything, you will in time, if you persevere.

And in case you need reminding,  I just found this picture on Facebook 😉

 Never give up!

 PS. If you have watched some interesting German programmes, please share them with us either by leaving a comment below or on facebook. Others may like them, too!


7 thoughts on “Improve your German with German TV

  1. “Verbotene Liebe!” Die ganze Serie ist jetzt auf Youtube zu glotzen. Und es gibt die Untertiteln auch dabei, dass wenn die Schauspieler zu schnell sprechen, kann man züruck drehen und lesen. Neue Woche, neue Skandalösen! (aber für Kinder geht’s nicht).

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