Improve your German with German songs

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How do you practise your German when you’re no longer a beginner?

One way is to incorporate the new language into regular tasks. And even better, combine your love of German learning with your hobby!

I have already written posts for those who like trains, cycling, sewing, playing the guitar, chess or tennis, or want to keep fit. You’ll find them all in the category German for …

So, following on from last month’s post which was for those who love dogs, today’s post is for those who love listening to music.

What can you do with German songs?

  • You can enjoy listening to the songs.
  • You can find out the lyrics and sing while listening to the songs. A quick google search of (song title) lyrics should give you the texts of most songs.
  • You can listen out for (or read) new words and learn them.
  • You can check the songs for grammar topics, for example present tense or future tense verbs, perfect and imperfect tense verbs, prepositions, or whatever you are learning at the moment.
  • You can check the lyrics for topic based vocabulary.
  • You can do listening exercises with them. Try Lyrics Training (I wrote about it here)
  • You can do gap fill exercises and sing with German songs on LyricsGaps
  • Or, did I mention that you can just enjoy listening to the songs? ☺

What songs should you use?

This depends on various things. For example, there isn’t much point working with types of songs that you don’t like listening to. Other songs might be difficult to understand (although having the lyrics will help).

The best things is to go to Wikipedia and search for German singers, then check out some of their songs on YouTube.

You could also read some of my older posts where you can listen to some German songs:

If you’d like lots more suggestions of German singers & bands and ten songs with several activities, you might like to enrol in my online course Improve your German with songs. It will show you how to use German songs to improve your German vocabulary, grammar,  listening, speaking, and singing ☺

So, find some enjoyable German songs, get yourself a notebook and start writing new German words, grammar topics or reasons why you like or dislike a German songs, and see your German getting better! Any notebook will do, but if you wish you could buy the one I prepared:

Music Journal For German Learners: An 8.5 by 11 inches journal for those who want to use German songs to improve their German

Or, if you prefer something digital instead of pen and paper, You can buy my Trello board.

Viel Spaß!

Improve your German with German songs
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