Improve your German with All4, Amazon & Netflix

How can you improve your German with films if your level has gone past children’s cartoons but to watch a film on German TV is still too difficult?

You watch it on Amazon, Netflix or (if you’re in the UK) on All4.


Because they also have the option of subtitles.

Although I can only tell you what’s available at the moment, I hope it will give you the incentive to check out what a variety of German films you might be able to see whenever you do come across this post.


The following list gives you an idea what Amazon has on offer. Some of those films are German with subtitles, others aren’t German films but can be seen in German. Some films are very short, for example “Kennen wir uns?” or “Bis Gleich”.

Amazon UK: German films
Amazon US: German films

We have just watched season 1 of “You Are Wanted” on Amazon.

“Amazon’s first original German series follows Lukas, a young hotel manager who finds himself a victim of a hacking attack. His online information is altered to implicate him as the mastermind of a cyber-attack on Berlin resulting in a city-wide blackout.
Suspected as a terrorist, Lukas scrambles to find out why he’s been targeted, as even his family and friends begin to doubt his innocence.”


We don’t currently have Netflix (Amazon is more than enough for us ☺) but here is a screenshot of German films that you can watch at the moment

We did, however, a while ago enjoy “Dark” which is still there


All4 is currently our favourite channel, because it shows episodes of Tatort. Tatort is a long running crime series with complete episodes but different detectives and a little storyline about them. If you want to see all of them in German without subtitles, you can do so via the German channel ARD

But if you’d rather watch with subtitles, every so often “Walter presents” shows some. Currently, there is Inspector Falke. The following is a trailer of one of the episodes, but without subtitles.

We also enjoyed Inspector Borowski.

Here is a trailer of one of his episodes, again without subtitles

German Films on All3

Another series worth watching is Deutschland 83, 86 & 89.
Deutschland 83 and Deutschland 86 are currently available on All4, and Amazon. We have seen and enjoyed both and are looking forward to Deutschland 89.

Which is your favourite German film or series?

And if you don’t live in the UK, is there a TV channel in your country dedicated to foreign, especially German, films?
Please name them in the comments.

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