Improve your German listening skills with lyrics training

Improve your German listening skills with lyrics training

My students often ask me how they can improve their German  listening skills at home without having to listen to the same exercises from the lessons. One fantastic way – especially, if you like music – is lyrics training.

The site has mainly English songs, but the amount of German songs is also growing. I show you the options with one of my favourite songs ‘Nur für dich’ by the Wise Guys.

As you can see, there are three options to chose from:

 The beginner’s level gives you the lyrics but blanks out 10% of the words. As the music plays, the cursor moves along the lyrics and stops at the gaps. It will not continue until you have spelled the missing word. If you are stuck, you can restart at any time.

The intermediate level omits 25% of the words:

And if you use the expert level, you need to fill in every word!

You can, of course, just listen to the song or you can use the karaoke option to just sing with it. It all helps to learn/ improve your German.

And if you can’t wait to hear the complete song, here it is  😉

Have you used lyrics training before? Did you like it?

if you haven’t used it yet, go and try it …. and let me know what you think!

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