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While planning for a lesson today I found this lovely old children’s cookery book, which I was once given together with a cooking set. I couldn’t remember how old I was when I got it but imagined the book to be 45 – 50 years old. ‘Ah, google can help’ I thought and started some research. That led me to the German Dr Oetker website.

What a wealth of information! This site is perfect for people who want to keep up their German and love baking!

Apart from the obvious advertising of their products, you can read about the  history of Dr Oetker or check out their various recipes (all downloadable).  but I was more intrigued by their downloadable children’s booklets. Edit 2017: sadly that page has gone, but I leave you the four pages I downloaded. EDIT 2019: They now have pages with recipes and  games for children: Themenwelt Kinder

Second edit 2017: They also have a lovely smartphone app with their recipes, in German, of course.

As for my book, I found out it was first published in 1964, but I can’t remember exactly when I got it. So I leave you with one final picture from the book, the page where you learn how to boil an egg or make scrambled egg – probably the only recipes I ever used  🙄

And if you want to use a journal to keep hold of all your recipes, you might like to use mine 😉

Recipe Journal For German Learners: Blank recipe book for 50 German recipes with space for vocab or whole sentence translations

Or, if you prefer something digital instead of pen and paper, You can buy my Trello board from my Etsy shop:

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  1. I think I will have to learn quite a bit more German before I attempt these recipes…otherwise the results could end up looking – and tasting – very bizarre! Lovely idea and once again, fun to do.

    1. I can assure you, despite my German knowledge, my cakes look and taste …erm … well, not like they’re supposed to be!
      But if you’re ever thinking of having German lessons, I know teacher who teaches via Skype 😉

  2. I use cookbooks in French and German from Switzerland, and I just guess. I kind of know those languages, and can fend for myself, so I just fake it, and bake help

    1. Yes, pictures help enormously. As long as your foreign language knowledge is good enough to understand the ingredients, baking times and temperature …. and you’re a good cook (unlike me), the cakes will turn out great!

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