Im Kindergarten – at the nursery school

Im Kindergarten - at the nursery schoolAs a student many many years ago in Germany, I had to do a work experience in a nursery school – in einem Kindergarten.

Whenever I’m back home I always walk past it and often wondered what it looked like now. This summer I got the chance to revisit. Unfortunately, it was during the school holidays which meant, I didn’t see any children enjoying their time there. But it did mean, I could take some photos, which I hope you’ll enjoy. You’ll probably find lots of similarities with nurseries in your country, this post may even take you back to your childhood ☺

The groups still go by colour: grüne Gruppe, blaue Gruppe, rote Gruppe & gelbe Gruppe. (I think I worked in the yellow group all those years ago).

Der Gruppenraum is the room for the group, der Turnraum is for exercises and die Lernwerkstatt is for those who go to school soon. Here they get their first experience of working, among other things,  with numbers and writing.

As the children are small, so are the toilets,  die Toiletten, and the sinks, die Waschbecken. And, of course, the beds for the little ones, die Betten.  Just like everywhere else, the children have a hook for their coats and jackets and also a storage box for bags, shoes etc…

There are plenty of opportunities for play inside and outside – drinnen und draußen. And because many stay all day, there is a canteen for warm lunchtime meals – warme Mittagessen.  I love the last photo. It’s not easy to see but an artist has made a drawing of the zoo from the neighbouring town. Children, who have visited the zoo will recognise lots of things on the picture (I did, too ☺).


As the day care centre, die Kindertagestätte, was closed, many things were tidied away, so I couldn’t take pictures of

  • die Puppenecke – dolls corner
  • die Leseecke – reading corner
  • der Mal- und Basteltisch – art and craft table
  • das Spielzimmer – play room

Instead I have a little quiz for you. Where would you find the following items and what are they called in English? In the Puppenecke, Leseecke, Spielzimmer or the Mal- und Basteltisch?
The anwers are after the last photos I took of some of the activities, the children can do.

  1. Vorlesebücher
  2. Fingerfarbe
  3. Bauklötze
  4. Legosteine
  5. Puppenwagen



  1. story books (to be read to the children, vorlesen = read to somebody), reading corner
  2. finger paint, art and craft table
  3. building bricks, play room
  4. Lego bricks, play room
  5.  doll’s pram, doll’s corner

I bet you knew them all, right?

For a further task, what else do you find in a Kindergarten? Can you name it in German? Answer below or just for yourself.

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