How would you like to learn German?

cytotec overnight without prescription How would you like to learn German? I often hear people ask ‘How can I learn German?’ or ‘What’s the best way to learn German?’

Kanevskaya And then I saw this video:

So, a better way to ask  is ‘How do you like to learn?’

If you are thinking of learning German but don’t know where or how to start, have a think –

  • Do you want to learn with a tutor?
  • In a group?
  • Or one to one?
  • Or would you rather teach yourself?
  • Do you prefer reading?
  • Or watching videos?
  • Or listening to songs?
  • Or playing games?

Have a think, maybe even write down what you like doing best, and then make a learning plan which incorporates those activities.

If you are learning with a tutor but really love watching German videos, then watch them as additional activities. If you’re favourite way is to learn by reading, then read.
If you love listening to songs, then find German songs or even German educational songs to listen to.
If you love playing games, then play games. Equally, if you don’t like playing online games, then don’t play them.

Some things you can’t avoid. If you are a student at school, you have no choice but to learn what the teacher teaches you  and you’ve got to do whichever homework you get, whether you like it or not! But that shouldn’t stop you from practicing more German with a method you do like.

If you are learning on your own, then you can do what you like!

There, I said it! And I can hear people argue and say by just reading, for example, you can’t learn how to listen to German or speak it. That’s correct, and if you need to be able to do that then you will have to do some other exercises as well. Ideally you would want to be able to speak, understand, read and write German, but if you are learning German because it’s a language you always wanted to learn, then do what YOU like. You can always change your mind again at a later stage and learn in a different way.

So, how would YOU like to learn German?

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