How to use a German parking disc

How to use a German parking discDo you remember disc parking?

A conversation in a Facebook group reminded me that I still had mine. In Devizes we had the disc parking scheme until 2003 and most people binned theirs afterwards, but I kept mine because it is still used in Germany and because mine is a German disc.

The German disc – die Parkscheibe – allows you free parking for a certain time in certain areas. If, for example, you see this sign, it means you can park here for two hours for free as long as you display your parking disc.


How do I set the time? 

The arrow on the disc points to the arrival time (Ankunftszeit), but … the discs are set to only show every 30 minutes, so if you arrive a few minutes after, say, 3 o’clock, you set the arrow to point to 3.30, which will give you an almost extra 30 minutes. If you arrive at 3.25, you still only set the arrival time to 3.30. Basically, any time between 3.01 and 3.30 will be set to 3.30. So, if you park in an area where you can stay for two hours, if you’re lucky, you can stay  2 hours and 29 minutes.

Where do I display the disc?

It needs to be displayed visibly under the windscreen.

I don’t have one, what do I do?

You need to get one or park somewhere else.

Where can I get one?

Petrol stations and DIY stores sell them for very little money, but if you’d like to be prepared and have one before you go to Germany, you can make your own. Go to , print it as A4 so that the cut out disc has the required size of 110 mm x 150 mm, cut it out, put it together and use it! Then you can say in true Blue Peter style (this is an English joke) “Here’s one I made earlier!”  😆

But remember: If you do make your own, it MUST have the correct size, font and blue color. Do not print it a bit smaller or when the blue ink is almost empty – you risk being fined!

Parkscheibe DIY

8 thoughts on “How to use a German parking disc”

  1. Dear Angelika,
    My wife and I will be making an arduous journey in August to Bremen to visit our son now living there and I’ll be doing the driving.
    Having seen your article on German parking discs I decided to have a go at making one according to the links you kindly provided.
    I think Blue Peter would be reasonably impressed with my efforts but will the German police ? I’d really like to send you a pic to see what you think. If you’re happy for me to do so would it be possible to send me your email address. No worries if not.
    Many thanks


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